Vintage - Eclipse Red Ring Razor In Original Case


Offered for sale is a highly collectible Eclipse Red Ring Razor made by James Neil & Co of Sheffield, England.

The Red Ring is one of the best and most highly sought vintage DE razors ever made. The unique head combines deep raised combs on top of a guard bar for a remarkably efficient and comfortable shave. The cap also features a very nice art-deco sunrise logo.

The blade alignment posts are on the razor's baseplate as opposed to many other razors of the period which had them on the underside of the cap.

The handle twists at the bottom enabling the cap to be removed for changing blades. Another feature is the magnet embedded in the bottom of the handle for easily picking up dropped blades - very welcome if you've ever tried to pick up a dropped blade off a wet tiled surface.

There are a couple of minor cosmetic faults here. The razor itself has a small hairline crack to the left of the Eclipse logo on the handle but this does not effect the performance in any way and is quite difficult to notice unless specifically looked for.

Secondly, the case has been dropped at some point and has cracked across the lid and been glued back together. There is also some chipping on the edge of the case - I've highlighted all the cosmetic damage in the pictures accompanying this listing.


Please note - Due to the high value of this item it will be sent by Special Delivery as standard. There will be no extra charge for this so please just use standard delivery when choosing your delivery method.


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