DE Blade Sample Pack Builder


New to DE shaving? Don't know which blades will suit you?

Build your own DE sampler pack!

One of the best ways to find out which blade works for you is to buy a DE sampler pack. However, finding the ideal sample pack can be difficult. Many sample packs will have a preselected assortment of blades and amongst these could be blades that you have already tried and don't like or others that you simply don't wish to try.

Simply choose the blades you want from the drop-down menu and add them to your cart. Create the sample pack that you want to try.

Each selection is for 2 loose blades. Trying a minimum of 2 blades is recommended by many DE experts so you can get a feel for it. If a blade performs poorly for you it could be down to a number of variables such as lather, technique or the razor you are using. The same blade may feel totally different with a different razor. And if you're new to DE shaving then it's worth revisiting a blade once your technique improves.

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